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Simulator lets students text and drive


State Farm
Sophomore Demetruis Henry uses a texting-and-driving simulator on Oct.17. The PEERS Foundation uses the simulation to help teach students to make smart choices on the road. (JADA SANDARS|SNN)

SNN Staff Writer

Drivers’ education students got to experience what it’s like to drive while distracted when they used a driving simulator on Oct. 17 that was brought to the school by PEERS Foundation, a group that helps students make good decisions about health and wellness.

“We’d rather them crash here than in the real world,” said Joshua Jackson, of PEERS.

The visit was sponsored by State Farm, which was given the driving stimulator by General Motors to show kids how hard it is to drive while being distracted.  The stimulator made students text while driving and showed them possible scenarios that can happen while there are pedestrians and other cars on the road.

Drivers’ ed teacher Victor Williams invited all the drivers ed classes to the event, which was in the gym.  Lakewood was one of only 13 schools in the state that got to host the simulator.

“It’s all about safety, all about driving,” Williams said.