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Gaming club evolves


Members of the Tabletop Gaming Club gather outside the Lakewood auditorium and play Dungeons & Dragons. (NICHOLAS MADOLE | SNN) 

SNN Staff Writer

What used to be the Dungeons & Dragons Club has now evolved into the Tabletop Gaming Club to include all kinds of tabletop games. Last year the club focused on the role-playing game D&D, but this year club members decided to expand to more games.

The club, full of gamers experienced and not, meets on Tuesdays after school from 2-4 p.m. in the auditorium lobby. Members can bring any tabletop game of their choice.

“It’s definitely just about hanging out with a group of people, playing games, and having fun,” club president and senior Darian Cahilig said.

Last year the club had no funding. This year each member is paying $15 dues, said club member Henry Haight. That allows them to buy more games.

“There were other games people wanted to play like Magic the Gathering, a card game, and lately people have been playing this game called Lords of Waterdeep,” Haight said. “Expanding helped us get more people. … Only playing one game it kind of restricted us. It’s about getting together and having a nice time with these dorky games.”

The change pleased club member senior Anna Wetzel.

“I love games where you don’t really have a specific plot line to follow. You just do your own thing, like D&D, or Skyrim or Stardew Valley,” she said.

The club’s sponsor is music teacher Jacob Merrett. This is his second year sponsoring the club.

“I chose to sponsor the club because Darrian asked and was nice. … I also like playing board games, too,” Merrett said.

Currently, there are 12 members, but anyone can still join. If you have any questions about the club, visit Merrett in room 703, upstairs in the auditorium.