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End-of-the-year stats

As the year dwindles to an end, we compiled the varsity fall, winter, and spring sports records and thoughts from the coaches.


Cross Country

Coach: Royston Dillon

Opinion of the season: “Cross country is a grueling sport,” athletic director Deb Fabrizio said.

Thoughts for next year: “We hope to have as many (cross-country runners) as we do track runners,” she said.

Golf (5-18)

Coach: John Toronski

Opinion of the season: “We had a young team this year with just (one) senior,” Tronski said.

Thoughts for next year: “Next year the juniors need to step up,” he said.

Football (9-4)

Coach: Cory Moore

Opinion of the season: “It was a good year, (but) we have a long way to go to be great,” Moore said.

Thoughts for next year: “We need to play more as a team,” Moore said.

Swim and Dive

Coach: Katie Davidson

Opinion of the season: “I think that they did very well. I would have liked to see more numbers out. But I think that it is hard for them when practice was at Northeast,” Fabrizio said.

Thoughts for next year: “I’m hoping that the prac­tices will be at Lake Vista so that would help on the location for more people,” Fabrizio said.

Volleyball (15-7)

Coach: Sean O’Flannery

Opinion of the season: “We had a good start, could have been a better finish,” O’Flannery said.

Thoughts for next year: “I think the team is a state contender and final four,” O’Flannery said.


Boys Basketball (13-13)

Coach: Daniel Wright

Opinion of the season: “Although our record was not what we expect for our boys basketball program ... it was rewarding. The players gave us a tremendous effort every night out, and I commend them for that,” said Wright.

Thoughts for next year: “As for next year, I think they have a chance to get back to the kind of bas­ketball we have become accustomed to around here. Winning ball!” Wright said.

Girls Basketball (26-4)

Coach: Necole Tunsil

Opinion of the season: “We won a state champion­ship,” Tunsil said.

Thoughts for next year: “The expectation is to come back next year and win another championship,” she said.

Boys Soccer (5-6)

Coach: Alexander Seoane

Opinion of the season: “We could have done better for the talent we had, but I’m very proud of them,” Seoane said.

Thoughts for next year: “Next year, we will make it to the state playoffs at least,” Seoane said.

Girls Soccer

Coach: Walter Blake

Opinion of the season: “They did well; we have a lot of talented girls. So with new uniforms, new goals, and new equipment will bring out new people,” said Fabrizio.

Thoughts for next year: “I’m hoping that the 11th and 10th graders will get better and it will be hard to replace the seniors that we are losing,” said Fabrizio.


Coach: Frank Niles

Opinion of the season: “They did well. I feel that more guys should come out like guys that do fall sports. We are getting a new weight room, new wrest­ing ropes and new uniforms,” said Fabrizio said.


Track (Boys 8-5, girls 9-4)

Coach: Anthony Snead, Megan Geidner

Opinion of the season: “It was very succesful. In the beginning, it looked like it was going to be shaky. I took the most (players I ever have since I’ve been here) to states. (We were one of the) tops in regional and states,” said Snead.

Thoughts for next year: “We’re losing a lot of seniors. We hope we will get a lot of new hardworking players. I hope we’ll stay on top,” said Snead.

Flag Football (9-4)

Coach: Necole Tunsil

Opinion of the season: “We did well with what we had. It was a lot of fun coaching them,” said Tunsil.

Thoughts for next year: “I hope we get a lot more young ladies to come out. Like always, our number one goal is to win a state championship,” said Tunsil.

Tennis (boys 7-8, girls 8-7)

Coach: Brian Taylor

Opinion of the season: “They both did pretty well,” said Taylor.

Thoughts for next year: “We need some new blood for next year. We change districts for next year so we will have a winning record,” he said.

Baseball (8-12)

Coach: Cory Scott

Opinion of the season: “It took us half the season to get the team playing as a unit, to get them used to the coaching staff, and to get them to find passion within for the game. We played this kind of baseball the last half of the season, and competed with some of the top teams in the county and kept close games.” said Scott.

Thoughts for next year: “The 2012 year will be a successful year. Coach Newman and I look forward to continuing what we have started and putting Lakewood baseball on the map in Pinellas County,” Scott said.

Softball (6-10)

Coach: Haley Forsyth

Opinion of the season: “Making it throught the first round of districts was a big triumph for our team! I believe the 2011 Spartan Softball team was able to really bond as a team,” said Forsyth.

Thoughts for next year: “I hope I am able to work with these ladies for years to come.

Go Spartans!” Forsyth said.