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All athletes matter



SNN Staff Writer

Imagine making an amazing goal or homerun and looking out into the stands and seeing five people cheering you on. This is what is I see as a softball player at every game. At Lakewood High School, football and basketball get all the glory and attention. I think other sports deserve some attention, too.

When I had my first softball game the other team had all their seats filled up and even had people standing, and when I looked to our side the first row wasn’t even full. When you go to a football or basketball game you would be stunned at how hard it is to find a seat. This makes me feel like other sports aren’t as important as they should be.

As a student and athlete, I am tired of hearing “football this, football that.” Why don’t other sports like baseball or soccer get any attention? On the morning announcements, the first thing to be said about sports is basketball or football related. And when announcements are made about the lesser-followed sports, the announcements often contain mistakes.

This makes me angry. All athletes work just as hard as football and basketball players, but they still don’t get the recognition they deserve. I think it’s important to give attention to the other sports because it makes the athletes feel supported and want to play harder. Many students will say that the sports like softball and tennis don’t get attention because they’re not good. I feel that if the school supported and gave us the funding that the other sport teams get, then we would want to play harder and win more games.

I know staff and students can’t always come to games, but as a school we should make more of an effort to know about when the games are, where they are and how they went. If you have a friends on a sports team, go and support them.