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Pretty boy swag


Byron Boykins turns the camera on himself for the final exclusive fashion column

Self  portrait by BYRON BOYKINS/SNN


SNN Staff Writer

Swag is not something I have; it’s not something I do. It’s something I express.

I rock whatever I’m feeling even if society doesn’t approve of it.

I wear my clothing - such as LRG, American Eagle, 8732, Akoo, Tommy, Nike, Jordan, Adidas and even non-major labels - with precaution but also persis­tence.

Many days, I just throw on a white or black V-neck shirt with some gym shorts, cargo shorts and even plain jeans to express that I’m just cooling it. But when I’m feel­ing like it’s a day to come correct and go hard, I show off my swagger.

Truthfully, it’s all about kicks for me. I’d rather have some off-the-wall kicks than an outfit. When you have a nice pair of shoes, you can always throw on some jeans and a crisp t-shirt.

Well, I feel anybody can wear all brands of shoes and clothing, but if you don’t have your own swagger or style you’re nothing but another person in the crowd.

In other words you don’t stand out.

On the other hand, I have the type of swag that can’t be bought, stolen or bor­rowed because mine is never the same. I have to switch it up and let the world know that I’m not afraid to experiment.

- Byron Boykins has been writing this fashion column all year. This is his last installment before he graduates and heads to college.