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Accessorize the dress code

Modified dress code can be personalized and made into one's own.

SNN Staff Writer

Collared solids and khaki Bermuda shorts aren’t exactly the most fashionable ensemble. But you don’t need to let the new policy put a damper on your fabulous fashion. Next year’s modified dress code can be personalized and accessorized with the latest trends and personal style pieces. SNN gives you tips and ideas for dressing up the dress code:


Time pieces, from rose gold to sterling silver, can add a classic touch to an outfit. For both guys and girls, watches can be the perfect way to add flare to the dress code. You can buy stylish watches anywhere from websites like, searching thrift stores or browsing Tyrone Square Mall.


Step in style next year with fancy footwear, from sporty Jordans to sequined Sperry’s. With the right shoes, it’s possible to look fashion forward from head to toe while still upholding the dress code policy. The perfect pair of shoes can be found at affordable prices online at, trendy thrift stores like Revolve Clothing Exchange or mall outlet stores like Charlotte Russe and Foot Locker.

Jewelry and hair accessories:

Next year, be bold and in dress code with statement jewelry and hair accessories. These are the elements of our outfits that we have complete control over, so take advantage. Bib necklaces, hair scarves, chandelier earrings and metallic arm candy can add personality to any ensemble. These eye-catching accessories can make your outfit stand out in a sea of uniforms. Fabulous finds can be bought at thrift stores or

Icing Earrings
Icing Earrings 
 Sequined Sperry's