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Titans will fall but this one will stay

SNN Staff Writer

A new videogame called Titanfall is go­ing through a release process for shelves and downloads. On Feb. 14, the general public was given access to the Titanfall beta, a prototype to a new online multi­player game that was released on Xbox One on March 11 and was released for Xbox 360 on April 8. Both versions will sell for $60.

In the game, players are first-person shooters. They have freedom to move around and free run on walls and build­ings. Players can parachute and dismantle enemy machines, called Titans.

The game has sold about 2.5 million copies for the Xbox One. For multiplayer, if players are caught cheating and hacking, they will not be banned but they will only get to play with other cheaters and hackers.

In the near future downloadable con­tent for the game will be offered absolutely free instead of paying about $15 for a map pack or new game mode as compared to Call of Duty and many other first person shooters or simply a videogame in general.

The game, which is rated for mature audiences, has no single player campaign so that’s a downside to those who like that concept. If you don’t like first-person shooters, at least try out Titanfall today for it may change your mind.