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New season of telenovela is 'maid' in heaven

The first season of Lifetime's series Devious Maids sets up a promising season two.

SNN Staff Writer

The first four episodes of Lifetime’s telenovela Devious Maids are just as spicy-hot as the first season. The series follows four Latina maids: Carmen Luna (Roselyn Sanchez), Rosie Falta (Dania Ramirez), Marisol Suarez (Ana Ortiz) and Zoila Diaz (Judy Reyes) and her daughter Valentina Diaz (Edy Ganem). All women are maids for rich Beverly Hills families.

In season one, the series went out with a bang. Rosie and her affairs with her boss’s husband were uncovered, leaving her and her young son deported to Mexico. In addition, undercover maid Marisol discovered the murderer of Flora and freed her son. In season two, Rosie is set to get married, and Valentina’s ex-boyfriend, Remi (Drew Van Acker), is on the verge of dying.

This series, created by Marc Cherry and produced by Eva Longoria, appeals to viewers who may relate to Hispanic culture and enjoy a good mix of all genres, including romance, drama, ongoing mystery and a little bit of Latina spice.

You might not like it, however, if you are offended by Hispanic stereotypes, which this show is based on. For me, though, the story outweighs the slightly negative label. This new season is one to look forward to, as season one has set the bar high.