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LHS StoryCorp: Phillip Muszynski and Justin Bending



Phillip Muszynski (PM)- My name is Phillip Muszynski I teach biology and anomy

Justin Bending (JB) - My name is Justin Bending and I teach variety of science subjects this year, environmental science and biology.

 PM- Justin, how did you meet me?

 JB- We’ve known each other since middle school, but I first met you when we played football in high school in ninth grade.

JB- What was your fist impression when you met me?

 PM-I met you through football, so I thought you were a good athlete and a good wide-receiver.

 PM- Is it anything you wanted to tell me but haven’t?

 JB- (laughing) No, I think we’ve been pretty straight forward towards each other, don’t hide many things.  I think the one thing that came out more when you moved down here was you looking like mighty mouse.

 PM – (laughing) Mighty mouse? I’ll take the mighty.

 JB- What make us such good friends?

 PM- I think what makes a us good friends is-uh- even though we don’t have a whole lot of things in common we always have a good time when we hang out and we both have the same profession, so we have the same interest. Um… and there’s also some that inappropriate things that we can’t say because we hang out a lot.  As good friends, we have a lot common interest even though they not always the same but we have a good time when we hang out. 

PM- Why do you think we remained friends for so long?

 JB – I think that just goes with us having the same personality-wise when it comes to doing people, when we interact, and we never really hung out in middle school or high school except though mutual friends, but when you came down here (St. Petersburg) with other people for spring break we met up and it was like we were best friends so it’s just the way that we can interact with each other.

 Okay, I’ll give you the easy one.

 PM-All right

 JB- Do you think we will ever lose touch with each other?

 PM – No, probably not, we already known each other since like, 2000, probably?

 JB- Yeah, middle school.

 PM- 2000. We’ve been friends since 2000. So, already 17 years um…and then we work together. No I don’t think-we’ve got a pretty close bond now, probably closer bond than we ever had so, no. I don’t think we’ll ever lose touch.