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Start showing some respect - Editorial


Students eat in the new Hub. The Hub was recently re-opened after being under construction for almost two years.
Students eat in the new Hub. The Hub was recently re-opened afterbeing under construction for
almost two years. (JAMILA DEDMON | SNN)


It was during the summer of 2017 that the construction around our school began, and now almost two years later, it is nearly done. We have a new courtyard; the Hub has been made bigger and new tables and benches can be found around the school. It took us nearly two years of having to walk through the bus circle to get here. Two insufferable years of having only one line to get to the cafeteria.

Every single one of you knows how much time and effort was put into beautifying the school, so please enlighten us as to why you would trash it?

The first day the new hub was opened for us to use , the air was buzzing with excitement. Finally, a faster route to our classes. Finally, more places to sit down. And then, like a bunch of animals mid-stampede, we sweep it away leaving disaster behind us.

People were exploding ketchup packets just for giggles. Some people were playing the good old game of “How many times can I throw this juice bag until it explodes?” And just like that, when we thought someone would flip one of the new tables, the lunch bell rang, and people scattered away to their classes, leaving behind their lunch trays to prove that they were there.

Speaking of lunch trays, did people suddenly forget that you are supposed to clean up after yourself? Or was a “clean-up” service also a part of the renovation of the school?

The school was renovated for us, the Lakewood students, so we could be more comfortable. The renovation was a gift to all of us, and yet some of us are treating it like we couldn’t care less for it.

We understand that it is hard to be conscious of the world around us, and that not caring is viewed as cool. But being a decent person is not that hard. Don’t trash the school. That’s all we are asking.

It is surprising that the school’s administration hasn’t done anything to punish those who treat the school with no respect. For example, they could make people who litter or explode ketchup packets stay after school to clean up after themselves.

Students, we know that none of you wants to stay after school to clean up. So, please, behave. Treat each other with kindness and show some respect for the school.