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Media Center changes are welcome


Students sit in the newly revamped book section in the Media Center on Oct. 4.  Very few students have checked out a book in the past three years. (EMMA COLLINS|SNN)

SNN Editorial

In the last few years Lakewood High School’s Media Center has been going through some changes. The latest changes began with the hiring this year of media specialist Heather Robinson, who has completely changed the Media Center.

It not only has a different look, it also has a different feel. She has taken the Media Center and has made it an actual library with services and resources for all. Despite only being her first year here, Robinson has already won most of us over. The trust she has put in us in allowing us to eat lunch in there and just the overall welcome to all has been a touching change; it’s nice when adults trust us every once in a while.

The atmosphere in there is not only welcoming, it is also very conducive for any studying needed. All are welcome here. Robinson wants us to be in there using and enjoying the space and tools offered. This, in itself, is a huge shift from last year, a shift that everyone can benefit from.

You don’t have to like reading to like our new Media Center. Not only are there library books, online and in print, there are also puzzles, games, computer programs and assistance with a variety of issues. The mandatory lunch outside has been a rough and hot transition for some of us. We miss being able to talk to teachers, get work done, and just sit inside with air conditioning. Even though the lunch policy is the same, we now have an extra alternative: the new Media Center.

Now not everyone can eat lunch in there every day, there is a schedule: Monday is for seniors, Tuesday is for freshmen, Wednesday is for sophomores, Thursday is for juniors, and Friday is an additional day for seniors. This is an amazing benefit many are already taking advantage of. Studies have proven school libraries are beneficial to all, because a library’s atmosphere and books improve students focus and concentration. A variety of research has shown when a school has a fully functioning library with books, both fiction and nonfiction, and resources to cater to individual students, the school’s student performance goes up and teachers report that it’s easier to support all of their students.

All of this shows that, no matter how you look at it, the new Media Center is great for everyone and we hope that things will only look up from here.