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With lack of research, it’s just best to avoid vaping


The Neal

SNN Staff Writer

There is an overpowering new trend in our youths’ culture that has overstayed its welcome, and the worst part about this disgusting trend is that it’s here to stay because it is addictive.

This new fad is vaping.

I could go into the dangers of vaping, but the truth is most vapers already understand the dangers. They’re just addicted. The worst part of teens being addicted is their ability to convince themselves that they’re not.

Teens pass off excuses like “Of course I know the dangers, but I doubt that will happen to me,” and “I can quit anytime I want.” It’s a common display of adolescent ignorance.

The problem with this is that the health repercussions are not biased; they are happening to every vaper with every hit. One well-known case of vaping that resulted in health issues is a teenager named Anthony Mayo.

In September, he became seriously ill and found it almost impossible to breathe because solidified vape oil had filled his lungs. Doctors found that the Pennsylvania teen’s lungs were on the verge of collapse. They resembled those of a 70-year old chain smoker, according to a story on, a website that educates people about medical marijuana.

The worst part about vaping is the lack of research done on all the effects. With so many products we’re only starting to see the effects and they only get worse from here, and all this just because teens love blowing out strawberry-flavored smoke.

There are about 41-million vapers globally and the number is expected to rise unless more states decide to have stricter vaping laws, like Michigan has. Arguably there are some positive uses for vapes. Cannabis has been condensed into THC wax and sold by medical marijuana dispensaries, although the same problem of lack of research arises with these as well.

It’s important to note that most deaths have been linked to THC vapes though that’s because they are homemade from dealers who may not know what they’re doing. I believe it’s better to avoid vaping until more research has been done and all the effects are known to the public so users can make their own decisions.