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Letters to the Editor December 2019


Props to the tabletop club

Dear Editor,Every Tuesday after school from 2-4 p.m. members of the Tabletop Club meet in the auditorium lobby. We share laughs and wonderful memories as we gather around tables to play various board games or D&D campaigns. It gives me a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with my friends. It also opened me up to new experiences and new board games. It’s truly helped me to come out of my shell and make new friends. It’s a fantastic club even if it isn’t that well known. Tabletop is the highlight of my week.
-Sophia Mohrman, 9th grade

Locker room needs update

Dear Editor,
The football locker room needs to be cleaned more often. The school was remodeled, and it looks great hands down, but what about the football team? We work hard and play hard and that’s great, but we deserve to have a clean stomping ground like everyone else. Yes, we clean it, but we don’t have the supplies like the janitors do to make it look better.
- Ka’won Reedy, 11th grade

Policies have repercussions

Dear Editor,
I think it’s about time we stopped getting angry at the policies and look toward those who create them. In almost every new rule established by the administration, there is some sort of repercussion for the student. New courtyard to eat breakfast in = late students who can’t/don’t eat at home. Teachers must take attendance in the first five minutes = those same students getting in trouble now at home because a teacher took attendance before he/she could finish breakfast. Every well-intentioned rule has an unintentional shortcoming. So next time you sit outside in the heat, rain or cold, remember that someone somewhere along the line thought this was helping you.
- Jalen Lake, 12th grade

Kudos to football coach

Dear Editor,
I think Coach Moore should be recognized for the success of the football team over the past years. He’s put a lot of work and personal time to make this football team one of the best in the nation. Although we barely missed states, Coach Moore and his staff deserve recognition for the hard work and time put in.
- Taveon Wheeler, 9th grade

Dear Editor,
I think coach Cory Moore deserves more recognition for his amazing work for the football team this season. This is the first time that we have been undefeated in more than 30 years. And above all he is humble and respectful about everything. From the one-point win against Madison County to the 45-0 win against St. Petersburg High, he has remained the same person.
-Nate Sosa-Jones, 9th grade

More than football

Dear Editor,
Football, football, football. That is what our whole school talks about. You would think the only program we have is football. We have such a variety of clubs and sports to talk about other than that. Yet, football is the talk of the town constantly. The bowling team had a whole banquet where awards were given out to the team. The only reason I heard about it was because my friend on the bowling team told me. Communication in general is lacking in the school and the fact we are using it all on football is unfair and unjust.
- Jada Sanders, 10th grade

Two lunch periods needed

Dear Editor,
I think that Lakewood should have two lunch times. We could have one lunch after the first period and then have another after second period. I feel this would be helpful because it would prevent the cafeteria from being crowded. Whenever I go to lunch, I always get my food right as lunch ends because of the long lines. Sometimes I don’t even eat lunch because of how long it takes. Two lunches would give kids a chance to get lunch and have time to eat it.
- Oteman Delancy, 11th grade

Let us eat inside

Dear Editor,
I would like to see a change to the policy that so many of us have to eat lunch outside. It’s unfair, especially since it’s cold outside, to have some people in the warm café and the rest outside for 30 minutes. Or when it’s hot out, then kids coming to class smell musty or sweaty. I feel as though they can open up the hallways for the winter because weather like this can cause people to be sick. Opening up the hallways allows students to get to class on time and not crowd around the doors making it more difficult than it used to be. It causes much unnecessary aggravation and you can’t go to the bathroom freely. You have to wait until they open the door to go to the bathroom and now you’re late to class.
- Leah Broadnax, 11th grade

Dear Editor,
Lakewood needs to open back up the buildings during lunches and especially around this time of the year. Students are being forced to eat lunch in 50-60 degree weather and no, they can’t just go eat in the cafeteria. There is no where near enough space or seats in the small, crowded cafeteria for the whole school to eat in there during the winter. I understand students make a mess in the halls during lunch and yeah the janitors then have to clean it up but is that not their job anyways? Students shouldn’t have to eat in the cold everyday and barely enjoy their lunch because the janitors don’t want to play their part. They can’t say it’s about monitoring the students either, the cameras are recording all day in all of the buildings so it shouldn’t be a problem. Students should be able to eat lunch comfortably without all the Lakewood staff complaining about their jobs that they signed up for.
-De’Jah Boyd, 10th grade

Unlock the doors

Dear Editor,
I was wondering if you could open the classroom doors during lunch because some people have unfinished work or tests that they need to take. Now, we must wait until after school to do our test or to finish some work. Some people can’t stay after school or able to leave a class to go to another class and finish their work. If you do that, you missed even more classwork, then you must try to catch up again. But if the classroom doors were open during lunch we wouldn’t have this dilemma.
-Aisha Muhammad, 10th grade

Dear Editor,
There is something about this school that I think is absurd. How almost no one knows about the Lakewood orchestra! We have a small orchestra, about 8 of us, when this school has so much more people. I’ve talked about the orchestra, but you know how many people have said “Oh! There’s an orchestra?” too many. There is an easy fix to this, a simple “the orchestra has a show tomorrow, wish these Spartans luck!” on the announcements, or on the CatCom, just let it be known! A strong orchestra is nothing to be ashamed of, so we should promote it.
-Isabella Croteau, 9th grade

Food pantry a great resource

Dear Editor,
The Lakewood food pantry is a great idea considering that some students sometimes don’t have much food because they can’t afford it. They give out dinner, snacks and even hygiene products. Though one thing I may have to point out is that it’s only available on Fridays after school ends. Some students might not have food all week and can only get some on Fridays. Also, the time it’s open may be inconvenient for some who need to be picked up by a rushing parent. Other than this, I love everything about the food pantry.
- Jasmine Scott, 9th grade

Fund the arts, too

Dear Editor,
I feel as though the school doesn’t care much about its performing arts programs. We are left to almost fend for ourselves when it comes to funding. The drama/theater program is especially left out. All the money we get is from donations and doesn’t go to costumes or set pieces. It goes to buying the rights to put on the play. Actors are left to make their own costumes and set pieces are lackluster. It’s terrible to see this every day. Money shouldn’t have to be this big of an issue for the school programs. It breaks my heart to see teachers almost beg on their knees for funding and constantly worry about the budget.
- Ray Land, 10th grade

Bowling wants some love

Dear Editor,
Every morning we recognize victories for all our school sports on the announcements. Well, all except bowling. I’m on the bowling team, and I think it’s odd that we never get recognized or even acknowledged. It’s unfair that we are the only team that doesn’t seem to matter. We are also very short on players and making some announcements about us may help us to recruit some more bowlers next year.
- Caitlyn Agostine, 10th grade

Applause for these young men

Dear Editor,
I think the football players of Lakewood High School aren’t getting the right kind of feedback from their last game. Everyone is looking for someone to blame instead of praising the boys for playing a good season. The boys won 10 in-season games and two playoff games and only lost by two points in their final game. They played an awesome season and worked extremely hard. They made history and represented every school in Pinellas County. So, I say stop looking for people to blame and give these young men a round of applause.
- Marnika Hancock, 11th grade

Arts need attention, too

Dear Editor,
I think that some clubs and classes should be recognized more in school, especially those in the performing arts, like guitar and drama club. Most announcements we hear are usually sports like football, basketball, etc. That needs to change sooner or later. We need to share the love when it comes to the recognition of classes and clubs. Others worked hard so they should be recognized for their work. I say, let our voices be heard!
-De’marria Raiford, 9th grade