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SNN Staff Writer

Because there is a lot in the media about the impeachment of our current president, many of the candidates are focusing on that subject during their debates. But is that really what we younger people want to hear about? The answer is no.

The topic isn’t important to me because the problem can be fixed easier than the climate or wages. The president can be removed and prosecuted, but you cannot just remove greenhouse gases and holes in the ecosystem that easily.

As eligible voters in 2020, we want to know what people are going to do about the climate and pollution. We want to know what the candidates are planning to do about equality of all people, especially immigrants. We want to know about their plans to create a higher minimum wage, since we am entering the workforce.

There are some candidates who are looking to make college free, or at least some of it. Coming from someone who wants to further her education and is also a part of the lower middle class, college can be quite pricey if you want to get a quality education from a reputable school. So that is an important factor.

If we are going to be valuable members of society, we need to have the knowledge to do so. We want the people running to be the leader of our country to discuss more important issues that would pertain to the upcoming generation. That will make more people want to vote for them and make people want to get into politics.