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Letters to the Editor March 2020


Fix the water fountains

Dear Editor,
I don’t like the water fountain system. I don’t know what the problem is, but some of them are hot, and some of them just don’t work. The only ones I know that work and are cold are in A-wing downstairs or B-wing on the male side upstairs. I don’t want to go all the way downstairs just to get some water. I hope this problem will get fixed.
-Jamarion Ellis, 9th grade

Shout out to our staff

Dear Editor,
I would like to compliment the teachers and staff for being great and trying their absolute best to teach us students and help us. The teachers at Lakewood High School not only respect us, but also respect our privacy and opinions, which is a good factor of having good respectful students in a classroom. But all in all, majority of the adults at LHS are great role models.
-Godfrey Torres III, 9th grade

Lunch should be longer

Dear Editor,
Most kids go to second block anxiously waiting for lunch. Then once we get to lunch it’s over in a second. Lunch time should be longer, and class can still be an hour, just not an hour 45.  We don’t even need a whole hour for lunch but 30 minutes. Class can still have enough time to get work down and we can at least still get some more time to chill out at lunch, and I’m sure students will complain that it’s still not enough time but at least there will have been a change.
- Inage Coates, 9th grade

Upgrade vending machines

Dear Editor,
Our vending machines need to be updated ASAP. I think we should have better snacks in them. Also, it should be less pricey. One dollar and fifty cents for a small snack is crazy! Let’s eat well, Lakewood.
- Tarrielle Hilliard, 9th grade

Dress code is not that bad

Dear Editor,
Everyone at Lakewood High School is always complaining about how they don’t like our school’s dress code, and they wish they could wear more trendy clothes. Honestly, I think the dress code is good. First, the dress code is easy to have because the colors are so simple. Also, the clothes are affordable, and you don’t have to put much thought into it. You can get your clothes from Walmart, Target or The Children’s Place. Also, say I woke up late for school, all I will have to do is throw on a shirt, some jeans and shoes to match, plain and simple. People always say, “I wish we were like other high schools and could wear anything we want.” One of the reasons we can’t wear regular clothes is because students were wearing inappropriate things like short dresses and skirts, tank tops and crop tops. Even if they give us another chance to wear regular clothes, students probably won’t be able to handle it and will mess up again. So, therefore, it is not the school’s fault. It is the students’ fault for not following the rules, and they’re the reason we aren’t allowed to wear regular clothes now.  I just want students to stop complaining all the time. It’s not that bad. If you really don’t like the schools dress code, then go to a different school. For the rest of us, let’s show other high schools how to rock this dress code.
-Ki’mya Robinson, 9th grade

Tablets for all students

Dear Editor,
Some teacher’s give online homework assignments that would be hard for students who don’t have access to a computer at home. But all students in the CAT program have access to a tablet if they choose to. Those tablets also have apps like Microsoft Word, Office 365 and PowerPoint, which are essential for getting most online assignments done. Many of the students in the CAT program finish their online work faster than traditional students, because they have access to do it wherever, whenever. It is true that some students may not be responsible enough to take care of a tablet, but if you look around there are a lot of CAT students who shouldn’t own one of those either. Tablets should at least be offered to everyone in the school. The classes a student has could determine if they get one or not. If the classes you take do not demand that you have a tablet, then there is no need for you to have one, and it could also be based on the number of referrals and absences a student has. Giving all students the choice to receive a tablet would not only give every student an advantage to learn and get all their work done at a faster pace, it gives everyone an equal opportunity and will have a higher chance of success in school.
- Irvin Lawrence, 12th grade

We need more clubs

Dear Editor,
Lakewood is a great school and all but when it comes upon the middle of the school year it gets kinda boring. Honestly, I think I would prefer more activities and events because pep rallies are cool, and I love football games, but I want this school to have more events and fun activities. This will make this school more fun and may even cause recommendations to come to Lakewood. The only thing that Lakewood is good at is basketball and football and that needs to change. Let’s make more clubs to make more people interested.
-Jaden Tyrell, 9th grade

Cheerleading is a sport

Dear Editor,
Lakewood High School’s cheer team receives no money from the school to help pay for their uniforms. Everything they have comes out of their coachs’ and parents’ pocket. While sports teams do receive money, assistant principal Laura Mudd said cheerleading does not, because it is not considered a sport. I disagree. I think cheer team should receive money from our school because cheerleading is a sport just like any other. The cheerleaders work extremely hard and deserve better uniforms. Cheerleaders practice hard several days a week just like any sport. They must cheer on the football and basketball teams every game, even through overtime. Also, they constantly work out and must stay in shape to do the different physical activities. Cheerleaders work extremely too hard to be having plain uniforms. They should look their best while they are doing their job.
-Aniyah Price, 9th grade

Homework does not help

Dear Editor,
Homework is supposed to be a way of practicing the lessons learned at school to better the students’ understanding of the lesson learned, but instead homework is the cause of stress and the reason teens now are so distant from the world. Homework has affected my life in unexplainable ways and has caused me so many step backs with following my dreams. It’s like teachers have abused the power of giving homework and only give it out so they can say they are helping students. Homework affects our social life and even affects the way we act toward others. How are we supposed to chase after our careers? How are we supposed to have good communication skills if we are locked up doing homework all day? Homework takes opportunities away and, for what? Just to get it looked at by a teacher and get a grade. Half my teachers don’t even check the work to see if it is correct! Maybe we would understand if it was really for practice instead of just some busy work. I have gotten so much homework that keeps me up past midnight and it causes me to have a variety of emotions such as sadness and anger. I have cried in my mother’s arms due to all the homework that is piled up at my desk. I have also yelled and took out all the rage on my own brother who was just concerned about me since I was up all night. Is this what we want for the students - not just at Lakewood but anywhere in any school? It is true that homework can really be good practice and help us to get a better understanding of the lessons learned in the class room. However, teachers don’t know how to give the right amount of homework, which means that the so called “benefits” do not actually benefit the students and instead cause many disadvantages for students.
- Destini Gonzalez, 9th grade