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High school students need nap time



SNN Staff Writer

Every year, high schoolers have been getting up before the sun hits the horizon to make it to the bus stop and be on time for school. This early start hinders their whole day, making them sluggish and tired all day. If high schoolers were able to get just 45 minutes in their day to rest and sleep, this could boost their mood, allow them to focus more, and improve their work ethic. This is why high schoolers should have naptime back in their school day.

“Nap time is a very important thing for everyone’s health. … even for teenagers. … I really need nap time back,” sophomore Jada Sanders said.

According to the Stanford University website, 87% of high schoolers suffer from sleep deprivation and can’t get the recommended 10 hours of sleep per night. This number is constantly increasing. If schools want any chance of getting good test scores and keeping their students focused, they need to consider bringing back some sort of rest time for the students. According to the CRC Health website, this lack of sleep for high schoolers can also lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. I think it’s safe to say teachers want to see their students sleep and not pass away.

Now some might say that nap time is just a poor excuse for high schoolers to not do work. But if students are struggling to get the healthy 10 hours of sleep, then this could be a crucial time for those students. Also, in the struggle to help students with depression and anxiety, this extra nap could solve this problem for many students because it gives them a jolt of energy and boost for the rest of the day.

So, in the end, we need to help the high school kids who struggle to get the sleep they need by giving them a time where they can sleep. Forty-five minutes a day could change a student’s life for the better. Let’s give high school students – our future - the right things they need to succeed, starting with nap time.