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Girl Business: A Piece of Advice


JHop Times Staff Writer

   Have you ever been in love with a player and tried to change his ways? If you ever did, do you have any advice on what to do? Because there are so many other girls that are in your position.

   Imagine if you gave your advice to them and led them in the right direction. You can be a role model and even change their insecurities.

   Being in love with someone is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Don’t choose the wrong one.

   Ladies at a young age, you have your whole life ahead of you. So make the smart decision and be wise about the people you give all to.

   You are young and you make mistakes. You’re not perfect, but your life is worth it. Find the boy who likes you for you, and not the things you have or he wants you to have.

   Be only you in a relationship. Not what he wants. Live up to your expectations. Not his.