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Top Gear

Top Gear has a well-known actor in its midst…….


J.Hop Times Staff Writer

     Top Gear, the British show on BBC America, is a car show. The cars, from the Peel P50, to the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C, have been produced in all 20 seasons, which are 160 episodes in total. This year, the 21st seasons has begun. The 1st episode had passed. Now, the 2nd of the new season began with a bang. James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and The Stig had introduced a new actor into Top Gear ranks….. The British villain actor, Tom Hiddleston! They made a few jokes, and asked exactly what he was currently working on. He`s been going around on playing a play named “Coriolanus”. It`s about a Roman warrior. One movie coming out in Britain is “Only Lovers Left Alive”, about a vampuric couple. He`s began filming a horror film. The “British Villains” Jaguar commercial, where he had to hang halfway out a flying helicopter with the door open. He at least kept calm till the director called “Cut”. His lap around Top Gear`s track was in an Alfa Romeo 4C. Even with the heavy rain, he did it in 1.45.1…… One of the most watched episodes of Top Gear.