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Connor and Brysons blog

Connor and Brysons blog


sup this is our blog and this is a blob.                                                                              


connor: Sup maaaan.

Bryson: Hello.

connor: your never going to guess what happend ta me bro.

Bryson: What happened?

connor: weell me was sailing the blue seas and a majestic piggel fell on me head matey.


Bryson: O so the uge.

connor: thats right yaaall.

Bryson: What did you just call me!

connor: i called you a yaall!

Bryson: Why :'-(

connor: becauuse you stooll my frenchy crumpets. (french acent)



Majestic Pig: No you dont (uurp).


 Bryson: Hi.

connor: so i hear you have a new left toe.

Bryson: Ya, it works fine, well except for the fact that it talks.

connor: it talks?

Brysons Left Toe: Of course i talk you twit.

Bryson: Bad boy!

connor: um, your left toe is intimadating.

Brysons left toe: Your face is intimidating.

Bryson: He's not lieing.

connor:well I...I...I...LIKE CHEESE

Bryson: Alright stop fighting!

Brysons Left Toe: I like cheese too.

connor: really you do lets be buddys.

morgan freedman: well connor and brysons left toe walk off into the sun set and lived happily ever after. And then they burned.


Potato Song

Potato Po Po Potato Po Po Po Po ta ta-to Ya gotta eat potato Po Po Po-ta-to.


connors cooking show

(note that connor is not responsible for any of the following sickness, vomiting, uncondisional dancing, death, or attracting cows thankyou please enjoy.)

first what you do is put the live tiger in the soup without getting mauled next

you add a little acid with a little vomit then stir for five days nonstop then next you eat the liver

next you eat :)


Bryson: Hi Connor.

connor: hold on i need to kill this knee fungus

Bryson: Urm is that infected.

connor: it has been effecting how i tacuuurrr

Bryson: You look green.

zombie connor: You look delitious Urrrrrrrrrr

 zombie pacman connor: omnomnomnom


connor: that was a good movie


If We Ran The School

If we ran John Hopkins Middle School we would first ban homework. After that we would allow students to go to school barefoot. We would put a forest outside the journalism class and have a tunnel system that goes through JHop. The track field would become a go cart track. We would make a runway for skydiving. We would change the food from cafeteria food to gourmet lunchs and instead of busses theirs limos. Every student will be given a Lamborghini and have to come to school with it. The outside of building seven we would make a tundra for recess with a hot chocolate machine. We would remove all no parking signs and park there. We would also put a bungee jump in the middle of the court yard. Mr. Parks is the jail keeper and has a spiked hammer and if anyone doesn’t follow the rules they’ll get killed :-)and everything will be made of gold, silver and platinum.


Homework In Middle School ... Kill Me Know

 Everyone in Elementary School always complains about having a sheet of homework and a reading log. Then you get into Middle School. You have eight periods and depending on what teacher you have you either end up with a small amount of homework or a TRUCK LOAD OF HOMEWORK. Then, theirs projects, In fifth grade you would get like one or two projects put now you get like ten projects a year and Im only in sixth grade. I'd hate to see what seventh grade is like ... or eighth.


Cafetiria food. wet, slimmy cafatiria food. The type of food that makes you want to resort to canabalism. Why can't they buy food that we like. Or REAL food for that matter. I mean like one time they put hamburger meat in garlic and who KNOWS WHAT but it was B-A-D. well theres a nother segment on connor and brysons blog


                                                          ok... this segment is weird this one is connor and miltons blog

connor: well brysons not here today so here is my friend milton

milton: i am connor's new cohost, sorry bryson i'm just to cool for you

connor: so i think bryson might be stuck in a tree but thats ok because...uh well lets just start.


Games...specificly MINECRAFT

ever since 2011 when jeb took over minecraft is AWESOME with the horses and now tridents it is cool. if you play minecraft more then fiftheen minutes it will get dark, you will face zombies,creepers,spiders, skeletons and many more,but a kid named bryson doesn't stand a chance verses my skills, he is a beginner, dies all the time in the first five minutes,sorry bryson but it's true,i'm to cool for you. Bye yall


I'm Back

Seriously Milton you just started playing Minecraft. I played Minecraft since 1.2.4!
And Notch is better than Jeb and if your so much better than me why did you die when you were fighting a skeleton and a zombie. P.S. Squids can't hurt you noob! O ya and ever since Jeb took over Minecraft became way too complicated. Minecraft used to be simple and fun if you want horse go get a mod!


hey guys we have not blogaded in a long time, so yap


Bryson: Sup Connor.

Connor: soup, so have you met this guy jhop

Bryson: Jhops a school! Are you Cray Cray!

jhop: Im a person, I have feelings!

Bryson: Ok... Um... Nice to uh... meet you?

connor: ya ms. y made him in the science lab out of soup and crackers

Bryron: Ok... um... cool.

Jhop: Yes i am cool.

connor: can i eat your left toe cuz bryson lost him again

Jhop: No



Bryson: Yes this is the part where we get eaten. ;-)

Jhop: What!?!?!?



Bryson: I've gotten used to it... it kinda [{(tickles)}] <--- 1000th word :p

The End