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The Owls

Dear the Owls,

Peoples make fun of me because I am poor. I don't have nice

clothes or shoes. My mom works

two jobs and I work when I can. What should I do?

Signed, Sad


Dear Sad,

 Don't worry about what people say about you.

If they don't have anything nice to say,

then they shouldn't say it at all.

Don't stress.

The Owls


 Dear The Owls,

 I loved to eat junk food!

But I started to get zits and


They are so gross and nasty! :(

I hear that junk food affects your

skin. Is that true because it sure seems like it?!!

From, Pizza Face


Dear PF,

 Try easying down on the sweets and stuff and see if your zits and

pimples go away. If they

don't, then try creams that help with acne. Thank you for writting,

and good luck!

The owls.