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The Owls Letter's

Dear The Owls,

I recently got a boyfriend. But he's still acting like a friend.

We haven't even kissed yet!

  -BF Acts Like A BFF



Dear BF Acts Like A BFF,

Don't worry about the fact that you haven't kissed yet. If you two are recently

dating, then don't rush things, take things slow.

And the fact that he is still acting like your friend is not a problem either. Just make

sure that you don't act like his friend. Act like your dating him, but don't be to clingy.

Thanks for writing, and Good Luck!!

                                                                                                  - The Owls



Dear The Owls,

I asked this girl out and she said yes, but when I went to the place we were

supposed to meet, she wasn't there!

How do I handle this?

                                                                                                    - Lost



Dear lost,

Don't over react. just simply ask her why she wasn't there. And if she says, "I

forgot" don't question her, because it's early in the realtionship. And just ask her to

meet again, and TRUST her to be there.

                                                                                                 - The Owls




Dear The Owls,

I like this girl, and she is nice and sweet. How do I talk to her?




Dear ?,

Try getting to know this girl first. Don't ask her out right away. Because you might get rejected right away.