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The Owls Letter's

Sup Owls,

Ok, so I have this crush right. We have a class together and we are always joking.

Plus we mess around in class and I don't know if he has a girlfriend.

Sometimes he gets quite in class. Then I don't wanna bother him.

So how how do I tell him that I like him?

P.s I don't even have his number either!!

-Your Girl, Badly Crushin'


Dear Badly Crushin',

   I know how you feel. I've been through this before.

Before you do anything you should ask around the school if he has a girlfriend,

but ask causally so that people don't think your nosey. Then if he happens to be

single, tell him how you feel.

Because if you don't do that now before you know it the school year will be over.

-The Owls

P.S Ask your friends to write in!! Thanks!!