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Movie Review: Don't Breathe


JHT Staff Writer

 Movie Review: Don’t Breathe

 ***************SPOILERS AHEAD****************

    Getting straight into it, this is a pretty dark idea for a movie. I mean, a blind veteran hunting down a group of robbers and attempting to kill them one by one is kind of messed up. The movie itself was pretty good, it had a realistic story and the action wasn’t all that bad.

   Having an unrealistic story about ghosts or demons or some kind of monster coming after you can get pretty old pretty fast, so a more realistic story is much scarier. The fact that it may actually be possible that a group of robbers attempt to rob a blind old veteran and end up getting killed off one by one is the scariest part.

   I was amazed at how skilled the blind man was considering the fact he couldn’t see any of the robbers. He relied on his sense of smell and sound to hunt them down and surprisingly was able to keep up with them as they desperately tried to escape.

   The only major problem I had with this movie was the gigantic amount of foreshadowing in one of the first scenes. It showed every single item that was later used in the movie, this bothered me because it felt like you could figure out how some of the parts were going to play out.

   Except for that it wasn’t that bad of a movie, probably the best horror movie I’ve seen in a while. It had ideas in it that were real, that some people may actually believe or do themselves.

   Like the idea of a veteran not hesitating to kill an intruder or the idea of a blind man being able to use other senses besides sight to seek out people and kill them. It is highly possible that a blind man can use his sense of smell or sound to track someone since in a lot of cases it is shown that other senses are enhanced if they lose their hearing or sight.

   Also, the main characters had pretty good backstories and dare I say one of them had a somewhat justified reason to be a robber, Rocky, she was trying to protect her little sister from their mom and her deadbeat boyfriend.

   While I think she could probably have found a better way to do it I admire the fact she attempted to protect her sister, and in the end she got her sister out of that awful house.

   The other had a crush on the previously mentioned woman, Alex, he wanted to protect her to the end, and he did, he died protecting her. He never approved of Rocky’s deadbeat boyfriend, and tried to keep calm and call for help when they were being hunted.

   He didn’t call for help because Rocky asked him not to, they would lose the money and go to jail, leaving Rocky’s little sister with their abusive mom.

   Then there is Rocky’s deadbeat boyfriend, it was his fault they even broke into the blind man’s home and he brought a gun, the same gun the blind man used to kill him.

   He did try and save both Alex and Rocky in the end when the blind man asked if anyone else was there and he lied to give them a chance to escape. He was a good guy in the end but acted like a deadbeat boyfriend until he was put in a situation where he wouldn’t live, he could’ve given them up and had them killed but he didn’t.

     I give this movie an 8.5/10, it’s good but has its downsides too. I will give it credit for trying a more realistic approach but at some points it slipped a little and those tiny little slipups can mess up the movie a bit.