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St. Petersburg Opera Company Brings Pinocchio To Life

Pinocchio at the St Pete Opera

The St. Petersburg Opera Company is set to present on stage the world’s favorite movie Pinocchio. Pinocchio is a story about a woodcarver named Geppetto who wishes upon a star one night for a son to call his own. The Blue Lady portrayed by Ashley Thunder, instructs the woodcarver to create his own son out of wood. She explains that he must be loyal, truthful and pledge to always love his son.

After carving an image, Geppetto decided to name his son Pinocchio, but Pinocchio was not just a wooden puppet, he is a real boy.

The Sant Petersburg Opera captured every single little detail of this story. They told his story as if it was their own. The stage director Stephen M. Ray, Jr. did a fantastic job of bringing Pinocchio’s story to life with the help of talented actors and actresses. The cast members had amazing voices but only one stood out to me and that was the lead actress Taylor Alexis Dupont (Pinocchio). She has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Her voice can break glass.

If you go, this play will blow your mind away. It is a must see and will go down as one of the best Opera performances in St. Petersburg.

By Leonora Serrano l Seventh grade