JHMS - Really is a great place to be.




JHop Times Staff Writer

   I’ve gone to this school since seventh grade, since then I have met some amazing people that I will remember forever and some others that I’m not too fond of.

   I came here from Azalea and I can say that it has been a much better experience. John Hopkins, like other schools, also has problems: fights and a lot of drama. But I can still say that it’s better.

   My seventh grade year was scary. I was coming to a new school and I didn’t really know anybody except for some eighth- graders. I always had some trouble making friends. I never really was a “friend maker.”

   But at the end of the year, I’m proud to say that I did find friends and I’ll never forget them.

   Now that I’m in my eighth year and about to go into high school (St. Pete High), I’m happy I’m leaving this place behind. It was great to come here and meet all of these wonderful teachers and meet some great friends and also make memories.

   But I feel like it’s time to move on. I almost wish that this year wouldn’t end so that I could keep seeing my friends.

   But I really am happy to say that it has been a great two years here.

   I’m sure I won’t forget them.