My Three Years

By Qua’ Nasia Ware

JHop Times Staff Writer


   I’ve been here at John Hopkins for three years and I would say my years were all right.

   In sixth grade I was in a whole bunch of drama, and I didn’t like a lot of people. But I stayed focused on my schoolwork and was successful. Then I realized friends are not important. But sixth grade came with a couple of referrals.

   Seventh grade came along and it was a good year. I wasn’t in any drama. I made all A’s for the first time and I got closer to a friend named De’Janique Burden who I never thought would end up becoming my best friend that year. She helped me when it was needed. She told me everything, and she kept me smiling when I was down.

    Then eighth grade came and I became really close to a couple of people, even a teacher. I became close to N’jeri Allen, Imani Lassiter, Christiana Gregory and even Ms. Tawney. I will really miss my middle school years. I can feel that I’ve changed and because of Ms. Tawney, it made me like algebra and math.

   I feel really blessed for having Ms. Tawney as a teacher.

   All in all I think, I managed through my middle school years.

   Is John Hopkins a great place to be?