In those old yearbooks

The Old Days


A JHop Times Staff Writer


            Did you know that about eight years ago, John Hopkins was a wonderful school with no dress code?

            If you go in Ms. Payne’s computer classroom, you can ask to see the old JHMS yearbooks that she has saved. The yearbooks are in black and white. It’s cool to think that these kids so long ago were standing right where we are now.

            Also, only a couple students know this, but Megan Fox, an actor who was in Transformers, used to go to John Hopkins. If a normal girl like her who went to John Hopkins can became a famous actress, then if we focus on school and not on our friends, we may be able to become famous, too.

            We can make things like this happen if we just behave. In the old photos of JHop, there were a lot more activities and there was also no dress code because back then John Hopkins didn’t have to worry about students wearing something strange.

            One day John Hopkins will reverse again and every student will agree that it’s a great place to be. But for now, students will always deny the fact that they know they love it here at this incredible school.

           We will have great memories after leaving this school. I bet all the famous people who used to go to this school wish they could replay their great moments, too.