Does Rap Influence Children?

Does Rap Influence Children’s Behavior?


JHop Times Staff Writer


I listen to rap. I grew up listening to rap. Since I was old enough to enjoy music, rap has been one of my favorite genres. It remains so to this day………..

Everyone has listened to rap in some point of their life, but what something concerns parents and other adults is that, is the music that children hear today influencing them to do bad stuff? Or is it the main cause of bad behavior?

Some adults say that it is a bad influence because the lyrics in modern rap music today might end up getting kids in trouble and they might end up killing or hurting someone or they might end up in jail, but some kids think that rap is a good thing and that it lets them express themselves in ways that they can’t do verbally or physically.

Ok so most raps you would hear has either bad language, offensive wording, or threats and low-blows, that is why parents are more cautious as to what kind of music that their kids can listen to or not because of all that kind of stuff. Also the human brain is wired to learn through repetition, so by listening to music, and especially repetition, the mood and lyrics in the song will become installed in that person’s memory so when people hear the lyrics it might rewind in their head an play over and over again they remember those lyrics and might think “hmmm I guess this is ok” or like “who would think like that, that is so wrong.”

It’s complicated because there are so many other ways that things can influence children’s behavior because it is so many other ways like other kids, the environment they grew up in, and believe it or not their parents have the most to do with it, so don’t just think that it’s the music it’s so many other things

So like I said before….It’s complicated.