Things I Will Never Understand


J.Hop Times Staff Writer


Things I Will Never Understand


   Things I will never understand…

   I will never understand why some teachers think the world revolves around them. Some teachers always think that they own everything. They never grade homework exactly when you turn it in but will fuss about students not turning it in on time. Some teachers are just crazy.

   I will never understand why people talk about me. My name should not even be in your mouth if it involves something negative. It’s always “Patricia this” and “Patricia that” can I have my name back. Then some people talk about me behind my back. We could be in the same class sitting at the same table still talking about me then they just stare at me; excuse me can I have my face back. I think it’s so crazy like why you talking about me, I’m not that interesting I’m really not but whatever.

   I will never understand why people look at something then assume. Everyone thinks I’m so mean and sad because I don’t talk in class but they have never talked to me before, they don’t say “Hey” or anything but just assume I’m mean because they don’t know me. I hate when people say “I thought you were so mean but actually you’re so funny and nice” so many people have said this to me, if you thought I was mean why are we talking because I can be very mean if you want me to be, I just choose to be nice.

   I will never understand why everyone is in my business. It’s always “didn’t you like…”, “didn’t you talk to…” excuse me but when did my life become your concern calm down. I also hate when people tell my business. If I tell you something I expect for you not to tell anybody else that’s the most aggravating thing to me because I trust you enough to tell you probably very little of my business but still the least you can do is not tell anyone else.

   I will never understand why people start drama on social media. If you can’t say something rude to me to my face don’t say it on my Instagram or Facebook page. Plus why would you have something negative to say me I probably never did anything to you and you just come for me. If you talk about someone on their page saying that they’re ugly or insulting them you obviously care about them so much that their new Instagram post or their Facebook status is your concern and you have to take time out of your day just so that you can comment on it and your probably jealous if you comment something negative.

   I will never understand why boys say I’m pretty for a black girl or dark skinned girl. What does that even mean? “Black is Beautiful and not just that cheap cliché, black is so beautiful when you close your eyes it’s the only thing you see”. I will also never understand why people say I talk white. How does anybody talk white? I don’t talk white but I talk proper, and I think it’s so funny because people get it so confused and mixed up just because I don’t act ghetto doesn’t mean that I’m acting white please calm down.

   I will never understand why people get mad or hype when I say I don’t wear Jordan’s. They always ask “why don’t you wear Jordan’s” or tell me “You probably can’t afford them, that’s why you don’t wear them” The reason I don’t wear Jordan’s Is because everybody else wear Jordan’s, I don’t want to be like everyone else, what do I look like being like everyone else; A follower and I’m not a follower and this is not Instagram I don’t follow anybody I rather be a leader doing my own thing. Plus some of the people who wear Jordan’s just wear them because everyone else wears them I wear the types of shoes I wear because I like them.

   I will never understand why people always want me to apologize for acting the way I act. Why should I have to apologize for how I act when nobody apologized for making me this way? Everybody wants to comment on how I act saying “I act and say things so rude and hateful” the things that I say to people is truthful I can’t help that everyone doesn’t like the truth it’s just the way it’s always been and sorry to say I stopped caring about what people thought about me a couple of years ago.

   Why is it so important to people to know everything about everybody…? Like why is it so important to know if they are going out or if she liked him, get out of her business. Some people are so nosey like please calm down and get you some business or its always that one person that claims you like that one boy… excuse miss I don’t like him, chill, calm down, stop telling people that. People these days want to know why he like her and what she see in him and everything like this has nothing to do with you mind your business.

   I hate that people act so funny towards me. To some people I don’t even feel like a friend I feel more as an option. People wonder why I always just start randomly cutting people off because I don’t have time to feel like an option I barely have friends… Yes because most of the people I hang out with are my ASSOCIATES, because everybody thinks I have so many friends no I don’t. I might have two or three friends. I will never understand why people don’t like when I treat them how they treat me. Most people only talk to me when they need something or when they want something other than that they don’t talk to me to hang out with or anything but they want me to treat them as if we were best friends, nope but the kind of person I am I value my relationship the most so if you start treating me like an option and I cut you off I’m probably going to be messed up but I’m going to get over and now I learned that having a lot of friends isn’t always the best thing.

   I will never understand and this is so sad because the police shooting people like its target practice and our lives are the lotto they scratching us off. It really sucks even kids know what’s going on people just want justice but some are so fed up and trying to get the police back for all the lives that they took. Kids these days get scared when the see the police coming; not that they have done anything wrong but they know and heard what the police are capable of we heard it all on the news we not trying to be in a dead man’s shoes and we know now that when a police officer approach you don’t run, don’t get nervous, and don’t ever reach for anything stand completely still till they tell you to walk and don’t say nothing till they tell you to talk especially if it’s a group of them coming your way and you better pray that you’re not the next the next men killed by police brutality. Plus I’m always wondering why the police are so angry? But Mr. Officer you might be having a bad day but we might be too but unlike you we don’t get to walk and shoot people.

   I will never understand why people say I don’t believe in God and I say oh I do but then say why you can’t see or touch him… like what? Me saying that I believe in God is my opinion you saying that you don’t believe in God is your opinion, now don’t come for me saying why when you can’t see him or touch him so how do you believe in him… ok you can’t see the wind, you can’t touch the wind.

So I’m guessing you don’t believe in the wind. Please don’t come for me and my opinion and beliefs.

Calm down.