Swimming with a tiger cub. Would you or would you not?


      By: Adriana Landes and Ioana Gaganelova

   Many viewers took a poll titled “Would you pay to swim with a tiger cub” 17 percent said yes and 83 percent said no what would you say? At Dade city zoo you can swim with a baby tiger named Tony, as well as a white tiger cub named Luna. “We make sure all of the things are in line, plus a keeper is always present within reach at all times,” said Kathy Stearns to Bay News Nine she also owns Dade City’s Wild Things.” So, it’s perfectly safe and perfectly legal.” When Tony and Luna reach 25 pounds they will be restrained when interacting with visitors according to FWC guidelines. There are three phases, phase 1 is no swimming, phase 2 is playing, cuddling, and getting to know the tiger. The last phase is phase 3, holding and getting to swim with the tiger.