The Unwind Dystology Review

Unwind Book Review


J.Hop Times Literary Critic

   The Unwind series written by Neal Shusterman takes place in a present, yet dystopian future of America where unwanted teens can be “Unwound”, unwanted babies can be “storked” and numerous groups of terrorists; Ranging from rebellious teens to people who can explode themselves by clapping.

   In the book you read from multiple characters point of view’s and as you progress you will begin to see that all the characters are somehow linked together.

   The book is very addictive and interesting, with so many plot twists and a variety of characters I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading.

Vocabulary Reference:

Unwinding: The process in which a person has 95.4% of their body parts stripped. The process is considered humane because supposedly they are kept in a living state.

Storking: The process in which an unwanted baby is left on the doorstep of another household.