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   Jhop Times Staff Writer
    Jhop is an arts school. Then why are they almost non existent in any classes but the classes that focus on them? I think that every class would be more fun if teachers incorperated the arts into their curriculium.
    With spanish we could act out conversations and dance to music from their while learning about their langague. In world history we could act out what happened or try to make cave art.
     We think that the kids in core classes could learn more because they would have more fun while learning.  This might help attendence rates or even test scores.
      This is an arts school after all!
 Sept. 23:
   Fights - no one likes them but they happen.  There are just too many fights here.
   We have been here only five weeks and there are too many fights to count.
   It is unusual for us to not see a fight in the halls in between classes. We have seen 20 people at least getting kicked, punched or slapped.
   There should be more administrative people in the hallways to help prevent these fights. If fights didn't happen as much, John Hopkins Middle school would be a great place to be.
   We should be proud to go to John Hopkins, not worried about getting into a fight or getting punched.  Our tests grades could come up, the school would get better and students would be happier to come to school every day.  
   All because there could be no fights.