Texting a break-up? No. Do it in person.

30% of teens break-up via text

How do you feel about the person you love, breaking your relationship through text? It’s probably not the BEST way to break-up, yet people still do it. Everyone has different reasons why they choose to do that. Although, most people that use social media to end a relationship know that it feels wrong to them. They just do it because they find it to be “Less hurtful” or “Not as harsh” than to do it in person. Some people get the feeling that if they do it in person, they would probably get bashed with a text book or they would just get a couple bones broken, that is, if the person they “used” to like ends up going on a rampage or something. Do you think its right to break up through text/social media? Or do you find it to be the right way to deal with ending a relationship?


~Jhop staff writer; Malanna Raval