By a student who wishes to remain anonymous.


    In the dark is where I lie in wait while the elders of this wretched world debate on my fate.

   I tried to run away and be free but what I didn’t know was that a torrent of torment was coming after me. It had no real innocent name, this punisher of the innocent.

   But those who saw what was coming for me called it a bully.

   Not much was known about it, this was true. But you may not even know it.

   It could be happening to you.

   Some people cut their arms to release the venom that has made its way into their veins. Some people jump, but not from the ground like you and me. But from the top of buildings, hoping to sprout wings.

   Some people hide it, like me.

   I have a release, you see. I listen to music and even sing.

   But what people don’t see is that what you say has an effect on people. It makes them do things.

   Together, we can help stop bullying.