Ender's Game Book Review


JHOP Times Literature Critic

    Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card was assigned to me last week in Gifted. The book is also a major motion picture and even featured some well-known actors such as Harrison Ford.

   Ender Wiggin, the main character, is only six years old when he gets recruited to ‘Battle School.’ Battle school, created after an invading alien species almost took over the world, is designed to teach children tactics in intergalactic warfare and at some point command a fleet of ships on their own.

   After reading the first few pages I lost all interest in the book. It was bland, basic, and dry. With nothing exciting throughout the first few chapters. The word choices even seemed odd but as time passed my thoughts on the book changed.

   About halfway into the book the story began to intensify, more characters were introduced into the plot. Rivalries began and Ender himself was either loved or hated. Every page was thrilling and the multiple twists in the plot made it a page-turner.

   Overall, I would say it’s a good book if you enjoy reading. But I wouldn’t recommend it to the average student in middle school as this is a very long, extensive read.