The man next door

   J. Hop Times Staff Writer

   People these days will encourage some people and dis others. Take my neighbor Phil for example he is a gay man who lives with his husband. As long as I've known Phil and his husband, people have come to his house at night throwing rocks, toilet, tissue, and eggs at his car and house. 
   Sometimes he doesnt want to come out of his house. He asks me to  go to  the store for him.
   Phil is tall, carmel colored skin, brown hair, blue eyes, and nice. He's 33. and he works at Lowe's. Hs husband works at the Tradewinds resort.
   Phil is one other thing. A human being.
   The more you know someone, the easier it is to like them.
   People are rude and evil these day and need to grow up let people live the lives they want. People should treat Phil and his husband and  other gay man and lesbians the way they would want to be treated.
    With care, mercy, and most of all EQUALLY