How To Make $ For Christmas Gifts

Ways to Earn Money for the Holidays; a Student’s Edition

By: Halle Link

            It’s December, and you know what that means, Christmas! But, Christmas is sometimes stressful for those of us who aren’t old enough to get a job, or don’t have time for a job. How do they buy their friends and family Christmas presents? Here’s six ways to get money for the holidays.

1: An easy way to earn money is by going through your stuff and separating it into two piles, titled “keep”, and “give away.’ If the items in the give away pile are worth something, then sell it a local consignment store, such as Plato’s Closet. It’s a good and easy way to earn money, and at the same time you’re getting rid of stuff you don’t need.

2: Everyone knows the obvious way to earn money is babysitting. But if you aren’t really a baby person, you can walk dogs, or watch people’s pets while they’re on vacation. You could also housesit for people who are on vacation. The last way to earn money that also revolves around watching either a pet, child, or house; is by picking up a family friends newspaper while they aren’t home.

3: To the December babies, if you have a birthday before Christmas, and you get a gift you don’t think you’ll ever use/you don’t like, then return it for either money or to get something else. Don’t be afraid to hurt the buyers feelings, anyone would rather you be honest than lie.

4: If you’re a creative, or artistic person, you can make stuff to sell. I know you’re probably thinking, “that’s so lame why would I do that,” but before you skip this idea entirely, there’s a site that many people shop on called Etsy. Mostly everyone on Etsy makes their own stuff to sell. You can make anything you want, whether it relates to a band, singer, actress, or just something pretty, then Etsy is definitely the place for you.

5: Also going back to the same circle as selling things you don’t need, you could have a yard sale. Make signs saying what day(s) the yard sale will be, what time, and where. If you do that ahead of time, you’ll for sure get somebody that is interested.

6: The final way to earn money for the holidays is by doing what everyone suggests, chores. I know, I know, chores are boring, and some parents don’t give allowance, but maybe if you do something a little extra than what you usually do, your parents will rethink not giving you some money.