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Are We Really A “C” School?



Santasia here. Hi guys.
 I’m coming to you with this info on our school jumping two letter grades
. We all know there is a standard we have to reach right? So, I have been let in on some funny business. The state Department of Education has lowered that standard! I can’t believe it. Does the state not believe in their students? If they did they wouldn’t have done that.

 Here we go being proud of ourselves for that great accomplishment now we find out that our state thinks that we are dumb! This is outrageous. So what are we gonna do about it?

th My advice, as students we need to show our school we are smart, we have talented minds and that we are can make it in this world. Am I right or am I right? Then they will respect us as students and not some dumb bimbos. So holla back at my blog and see what I have to say. Peace Out!!!!!