Already gone

Already gone



J.Hop Times Staff Writers

   This is our last year at John Hopkins. We’re honestly extremely excited to go to high school. On February 3rd we learned which high school programs we were accepted to. Our last three years at John Hopkins have been exciting and filled with new experiences. We have learned so many things that will most definitely benefit us in the future. Staying focused on your school work and staying out of drama, being yourself and not trusting everyone you meet.

Your 8th grade year will be something different. You will learn that not everyone is your friend. In the beginning of the year you won’t think you’re ready for high school. You’ll still have the mindset of a 7th grader. By the time January comes around you’ll be ready to leave. The last day can’t get here fast enough, but you have to be prepared. Going into 8th grade without knowing where you’re going afterwards is stressful. But when you finally chose your school, the anticipation of attending starts.

 But before we become freshman, there’s the 8th grade field trip, and the dance. The best parts of being an 8th grader. Going to Universal and not returning until 2 A.M, loud music, dancing, and partying all night with your friends, 2 nights to look forward to.

Being an 8th grader, you’re at the top of the school. But don’t let it all go to your head. Just because you’re in the highest grade level doesn’t mean you can do whatever. If anything you should be laying low and focusing on your grades so you can get into the high school of your dreams.

When it all comes to an end, we’re all happy, sad, excited, mad, focused, clueless, planned, and lost. So many things run through our minds as we walk out of John Hopkins Middle school for the last time. Knowing, that on the first day of school, we’ll be freshman.

The last day might be June 3rd but our last day already happened. We’re already gone.