Time to grow up


Jhop Times Staff Writers


Time to grow up


To all the 8th graders next year it’s officially time to grow up. We’re all about to be in 9th grade so there’s something we just need to stop right now.

Stop being so childish. We just need to understand that they need to grow up. We are 8th graders we are getting too old to be doing some of the things that were doing. Exposing, that’s a strike. Fighting, that’s a strike. Telling lies and spreading rumors are strikes. Like just grow up or go sit in the corner for a time out since you want to be childish. Just stop talking about people because they probably don’t even care about you. Stop telling lies and spreading rumors about people. First of all some of the rumors that people start are ridiculous. Like has someone ever started a rumor about you and you hear about it and it doesn’t even sound like something you would do or say, that has happened to me so many times. Sorry at least you tried. Just stop.

Why do people in 8th grade still want to argue over petty things? Like how old are you? You sound like a five year old trying to have petty arguments, have a seat. If you come up to me trying to start a petty argument I’m going to laugh in your face. At the end of the day were going to be in 9th grade next year and there is going to be someone bigger than you with a worse attitude. Next year in high school were probably going to feel like 6th graders again. So don’t go into high school trying to fight everybody, that’s stupid.

You feel me?