Dump Trump

                DUMP THE TRUMP



Yes, Mexicans have always been very sensitive about criticism from abroad, especially from the United States.  Mr. Trump has pushed this to a new level.

Mr. Trump wants to build a fence or “Wall” the Mexicans will pay for. He has wet to give the details of how he will force people to pay for this wall that he has wet to even give the height of.

The country’s treasury secretary said. “I will say it emphatically: There is no scenario in which Mexico will pay for this wall that is being proposed “We have enormous necessities and much more important uses for the public budget, which comes from the taxes that Mexicans pay,” he said. “And, of course, it would never be used in any scenario to pay for a project of this natured by the United States presidential hopeful,”

Many people believe in Trump because they think that all Muslims are terrorists. It’s almost certain that more that 90% of Muslims aren’t terrorists. In fact there is a very low percentage of illegal immigrants that commit crime as low as 20%.