One more thing about Donald Trump


J.Hop Times Staff Writer

 Donald Trump. One of the many people running for president. He is also a rich, orange, squirrel haired millionaire who, out of all the bad candidates, is the WORST president that could possibly exist. Let me explain a few reasons why Donald Trump does not deserve to be president.


  The obvious reason. He is rude. If you have ever seen any video of Donald Trump talk, you wouldn’t need half a brain to guess he is rude. He makes fun of people he doesn’t like, and makes sure the entire nation is very aware that he, the oh-so special person, does not like that person. Why would we need a president who makes fun of people? And what happens if he is elected, and makes fun of the wrong person such as a terrorist organization. We, as a nation, would be screwed.


  Another reason why Donald the Duck- I mean Donald Trump would be horrible at president is because he has no political experience at all. He is not the average politic. Some people say that this is a good reason why he should be president, but trust me… Having no political experience at all and then becoming a president, is a horrifyingly terrible thing for a country. As president, he would have absolutely no idea what to do as president. It would be an amalgam of “whut duz i do” and ‘helpz me plez” both a terrible way to start being a president.


  The one final reason I have is that McDonald Trump- I mean Donald Trump says he is going to do all these great things for America, right? Now, where does he explain exactly how he will do this brilliant things? He has all these ideas yet he doesn’t he know how to start them. For America, we need someone who knows how to do things, not a person who has a few ideas.


  Those are a FEW OUT OF A THOUSAND reasons why I, personally, don’t think Donald Trump should become president. Do you think Trump should become president?

   Also, #Trev4PRez2016.