Father Knows Worst

Hunt Killers

By Barry Lyga

Reviewed by THAYER TYMON

JHop Times Staff Writer

Jasper “Jazz” Dent is the son of someone famous.  His father isn’t a movie star or anything like that.  Jazz’s father has been known by many names, including “The Artist”, “Green Jack”, “Satan’s  Eye” and “The Gentle Killer”.

Jazz’s father is Billy Dent - the world’s most notorious serial killer.

Jazz has lived a pretty horrific life. Every day for Jasper and his dad was “Take your child to work day”. Every day Jasper saw a defenseless dead girl, a girl who his father had killed.

Jazz knows all the tricks to get rid of a dead body. But Jazz’s father doesn’t always want to get rid of the bodies.

There are two things you should know about serial killers. They are sociopaths (someone who shows no emotion and has no problem with lying), and they always want attention. That’s what Jazz’s dad always wants; credit for his work.

After years of seeing dead bodies, after seeing so many different ways to kill someone, Jazz’s father, the most infamous serial killer who has ever lived, is caught and put in jail.

Jazz now lives with his mean, psychotic, and insane grandmother. He goes to a school where everyone thinks of him as a freak. And now possibly a killer. Jazz is being blamed for a number of dead bodies that are pilling up.

Who wouldn’t blame the son of a master serial killer? Someone who knows all of dear old dad’s tricks?

Every one blames him for their deaths.

You’ll probably blame him too.