Rainbow Six Siege Review


JHop Times Game Reviewer 


The "Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six" series is coming back with another installment, “Rainbow Six Siege”. This first person shooter has everyone waiting since the amazing closed alpha in April.

   Due to issues they realized they had to push back the release to December. There have been some definite changes with this game than the previous ones, mainly from the change of the gaming engine.

   The new engine is the AnvilNext gaming engine, making a big change from Epic’s Unreal engine. This change gives better graphics to the environment which really ties in with the games destructible environment.

   You play as an operator from the rainbow team, which is a counter – terrorist unit. Each operator will have their own custom abilities, making communication a big part of the game, allowing you to talk with your team to eliminate the enemy.

   And with the closed beta out now everyone is rushing to get it or you could pre order it for December 1.