Review: Pan

Peter Pan


J.Hop Times Movie Critic

    Peter Pan 2015 will be out this summer. There is no official date yet but I’m sure we’ll find out. It’s by Warner Bros. this time instead of Disney. The original story obviously will change from the cartoon movie to the real life movie. So let’s get into Peter Pan 2015.

    In Peter Pan it follows the same theme that the original did. But in this one there are quite a few changes that are very different than the original too. There’s a different villain, hook is a hero, things like that.

   Now that’s pretty normal for an adaptation of an original cartoon to a real life movie. But these are ones that weren’t needed, Warner bros. just chose to spice it up, like Disney did Cinderella.

   The trailer promises a great movie that throws of some points of the original story but leaves other bigger points in. Hook being a hero in this film is going by a long shot.

   Since most children and adults are used to seeing him as the black long hair hook for a hand mischievous pirate. In this version hook is a blondish brown haired hero with no hook hand to be seen.

  Changing this will either gain or lose viewers so it’s a huge risk that Warner Bros. is willing to take, most people like the original story, but others like to see it change. It’s hard for any movie making company to pin point what people like and don’t like.

   So Warner Bros. changing up the story is a very big risk, but they have made other movies to back this up if it fails. They expectations are already set, let’s hope Peter Pan meets them.