The Visit/ Spoiler



 J.Hop Times Movie Critic

     As you probably have already heard the visit is a spine chilling horror. Well in this story I will be telling you everything that happened. So as you already know there are four main characters, brother and sister, Tyler and Rebecca and Nana and Poppop the supposedly lovely couple.

     When Tyler and Rebecca go on a train to visit their grandparents for the first time , things go horribly wrong. When the two arrive at the house Nana says “Don’t come out of your room after 9:00” spooking the young kids. That night the kids here scratching outside of their bedroom door they open the door and see Nana scratching the wall. They close the door and realize that something must be wrong but they forget about it and carry on going back to sleep. Morning comes and Nana is acting weird, again she asks Rebecca to clean the oven of course Rebecca is the "sweet grandchild" and gets in the oven, she doesn’t get in all the way so Nana says “come on you can fit in there.” So Rebecca gets in and Nana closes the door, and turns on the oven. But then Tyler comes out and asks “where is Rebecca?” Nana turns off the oven and opens it before Tyler realizes what just happened.

     The next day Nana and Poppop are in the garden watering the plants while Tyler and Rebecca are in their room video chatting with there mom. They say as shown in the ad “something is wrong with Nana and Poppop” Their mom replies by saying “Youre fine theyre just old” The kids hold the computer up too the window so their mom can see Nana and Poppop in the garden.

                       (WARNING MAJOR PLOT TWIST COMING UP)

     When their mom sees Nana and Poppop she tries not to sound to alarmed and says ”Kids that is not your Nana and Poppop”