Movie Review: Krampus

Movie Review: Krampus


J.Hop Times Staff Writer


  Do you believe in Santa? Well, if you believe in him or not you can believe Krampus is coming to town this time. Now let’s begin the review!




  The movie is about a boy and his family losing the Christmas spirit. Later in the movie it’s revealed that the grandmother Omi once lost the Christmas spirit.


  This summoned Krampus who killed her village including her family but left her alive. Krampus gave her an ornament like object and left.


  The same thing happened to Max who is the only survivor of his family. He goes on a mission to save his kidnapped family and succeeds with his family losing the memory of Krampus.


  The movie left off on a very odd scene of Max getting the ornament like object as a Christmas present. But that’s only a part of the movie.


  When it comes to scares honestly it gave me the creeps. The thought of Gingerbread cookies coming to life and trying to kill you made me scared of my mom’s cookies.


  There were many odd monsters such as what I call a clown caterpillar that eats you whole. It also had a teddy bear with actually bear teeth and claws. Elves that used sharp weapons and captured people.


  Although there is many more creatures those were my favorite. Krampus himself was definitely the scariest. He had black eyes and horns like a got with feet like one too. He wore black and moved slowly.


  Krampus wasn’t in the movies as long as his minions but got plenty of screen time. The movie over all was pretty scary but honestly I have seen scarier things in a kids show.


  For a movie about the shadow of Santa who kidnaps and kills people who lose the Christmas spirit I think they can do way better.


  For this movie I give it a 6 out of 10. Seriously jump scares and ginger bread cookies aren’t going to scare someone enough to keep them up at night. I’ve seen better horror movies but this isn’t absolutely awful.


  So Santa’s shadow bring it up a notch and bring in the real scares!