Movie Review: Suicide Squad

By Kaylee Pedigo

 **************SPOILERS AHEAD**************

     As someone who waited with high expectations for this movie of villains, I was disappointed. It had the silly jokes and psychotic characters we love, but it was lacking something crucial, a story.

    Yes, it had a story, but that story revolved around three characters, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and most importantly the Joker. I don’t mind having a story that mostly involves a few of the characters but the entire movie was based around them.

    This movie also decided to make the Joker and Harley love birds instead of the psychopathic killers. I could have left alone the fact that they didn’t put in the abusive side of their relationship, but they made the Joker a lovey dovey “I’ll save you my love” character.

   That is not who he is! He is supposed to be a man who went insane and would ditch Harley in a heartbeat if she got caught by batman! The movie hints at him being that character in the beginning, when the Joker drives the car into the lake.

   After Harley screams, “No, no, no, I can’t swim!” he leaves her in the car for batman to take. He doesn’t save her, he doesn’t come back to fight batman and get her back, he just leaves her.

   This is the Joker we all expected, but they through this character away, changed him into a kindhearted man! Putting all that aside, the movie isn’t all that bad, the story was just revolved around those three a bit too much. The other parts of the story that were not as bad is when they showed the way that a couple of the members of the group wanted to live.Deadshot wanted to live with his daughter, Harley wanted to have a life and family with the Joker, and Diablo wanted to live with his wife and children again. There were good scenes as much as there were bad scenes, it was an average movie that spent too much time on jokes and the relationship between Harley and the Joker.

   I would rate this movie 8/10, it wasn’t the worst movie but it was the best. It could have been better if they left out on some of the jokes or anything else extra that wasn’t necessary. I think the movie was okay, I think they just didn’t meet most people’s expectations. Either way, keep your head on and keep your teeth a shiny gold.