Is this the end of Serena Williams?


J.Hop Times Staff Writers

 Is this the end of Serena Williams?


   A couple weeks ago at the Australian Open Finals Serena Williams the number one ranked tennis player for WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) lost to Angelique Kerber the then 9th ranked player. In the epic three set battle left every tennis fan shocked.

  Ever since then tennis critics have been questioning whether Serena is starting to weaken and break down.

  After losing Serena said “I’m not a robot, and she truly played amazing” said Williams “she deserves this.”

  To be honest Serena is nowhere near the end of her career. Last year when Serena was trying to complete a career grand slam (winning all of the slams in one calendar year), with all of the pressure she cracked and lost in the semis of the US OPEN, the last grand slam.

  Serena isn’t done she wants to break the record of having 22 grand slam titles in the open era, she currently has 21 and she doesn’t plan on stopping.

  Even though she is 34 she isn’t slowing down. Not to mention there really isn’t anyone on the WTA that is close to her level.

  In reality Serena has at least a few more years before she should think about retirement, and who know how many records she would’ve broken by then.