Tree's A Crowd


JHop Time Staff Writer

            Some Christmas trees are artificial and some are not. Some have red, green and blue lights and others just have white. And some have an assortment of ornaments - some are round, some are long, and some are in shapes like angels, Santa’s and gingerbread houses.

           But some trees are different. Some are made out of different materials such as old cast iron pots, bicycle wheels and books. There are also other types of trees that are shaped into sculptures like Santa Claus or even dinosaurs.

            The advantage of having a real tree is you can put it in your garden when Christmas is over and it has the sweet pine aroma in the house. And some advantages of having an artificial tree is that you don’t have to care for it and you can use it every year.

            Over all it depends on what you want and where you live. If you live in a place where evergreens grow I think you should get a real tree. But if you don’t you should get an artificial tree.